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A Place Called Eden – 3 Minute Film

A Place Called Eden EXT. LOTTIE’S HOUSE, LUTON – NIGHT. A line of terrace houses, only one with lit windows. Through the downstairs window, we see KANE [mid/late 30s] and SARAH [early 30s]… Continue reading

“Pobody’s Nerfect” – A Screenplay Scene

INT. KITCHEN – DAY. The kitchen is small but immaculately clean. There are photographs of a couple around the walls, CHARLOTTE and DANIEL, spanning across ten years: photos of holidays, rock-climbing and wedding… Continue reading

Ravens – A Film Monologue

INT. AMBULANCE – NIGHT Amber streetlamps flash rhythmically by the window as the ambulance drives. To the left of the van there is a bed with a patient covered from view as paramedics… Continue reading

Overcoming Writer’s Block – 4 Tips

We’ve all been there – the thoughts are there but the words won’t come and the blink-blink-blink of the cursor on the blank document feels like the countdown to your head exploding. Writer’s… Continue reading

The Birthday Party

Here’s the first five minutes of a my twenty minute play. Let me know what you think of the tension and I’d love any theories you may have of what’s going to happen… Continue reading

Tell Me About The Bears – Experimenting in Script

Hi all, sorry I haven’t posted for a while but lately I’ve been experimenting in script writing, something utterly new to me, so thought I should update my page. This piece is one… Continue reading